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Dare to Differ - 2013 - Gallery M

"Cityscape" 3D art quilt - making of at

"Refracted Light" art quilt

What is “Dare to Differ”?

A small group came together in South Australia over a decade ago with the aim of promoting and showcasing contemporary art quilts in this state. The first exhibition was held at the Textile Museum, then Prospect Gallery until moving to Gallery M at Marion in 2011. “Dare to Differ” exhibitions are usually held bi-annually. The interpretation of the quilts is left to the quilt maker. The contemporary quilt makers are encouraged to extend their horizons, leaning more to the Visual Arts and “Dare to Differ”. The exhibition is open to ALL quilt makers within Australia. We have hoped that by opening entries to interstate contemporary quilt makers we give South Australian quilt makers and the general public the opportunity to view a very high standard exhibition of contemporary art quilts.

A definition of a quilt for this exhibition is that it must be predominantly fibre, and be composed of a least two distinct layers, stitched together throughout the quilt. It must be innovative, original and of course meet the criteria of the title “Dare to Differ”.

The exhibitions in the past have been exciting, diverse and of an extremely high standard. It is very important that we continue to give the opportunity to the South Australian public (including all our quilt makers) to view such an exhibition held here in Adelaide.

The inaugural exhibition at Gallery M in 2011 was a visual delight and a wonderful gallery space for textiles. A generous sponsorship from Brother Australia provided a colour catalogue and a sewing machine prize for the first time.

Please contact Suzanne Gummow if you need any more information regarding the exhibition. 

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