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Art portfolio

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Wedding Dress

Felted Garments

Felted Scarves

Pastel Paintings

Knitted & Crochet Accessories

Paper Cast Leaves

Wall Art

Postcards from my Mind - mixed media

Wearable Art Accessories

One Off Wearable Art

Photo Collage

Private Costumes

Anodised Jewellery

CBD Bojagi Quilt

Self Portrait

Painting with Yarn

Freehand Machine Embroidery

Bra Art

Theatre Costumes

"I like my art to be practical, wearable or dual purpose. I don't often make things that can just be hung on a wall. If you can wear it or use it then you will get more enjoyment out of it in every day life."

Pizza Bags

Practical Art

Paper collage

"Sometimes you create art just for the fun of it, in experimentation of new techniques and media, you can have only so many samples. Postcards from my mind was a year long, weekly exercise in experimentation."

Silk Bojagi

Recycled Art

Cityscape Art Quilt

InVESTed in the 1990's

Acrylic Painting

Under the Sea Dress

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