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Here are pictures from some of the workshops Samantha has taught over the years

Embellished Wall Hanging

Create a small art quilt using a needle felting machine in combination with freehand embroidery techniques.

Learn a variety of needle felting techniques involving texturising and bonding fabrics including silk, wool and net. Several different elements will be combined to create a floral art work.

This workshop was held at Melann's Fabrics and Sewing Centre 850 lower north east road Dernancourt.

Paper Cast, Paint, Heat & Stitch

This workshop used cast paper leaves which were painted with metallic watercolour paints, synthetic fabric was freehand machine embroidered over the top and zapped with a heat gun to melt away section. Finally embellished with beading and hand embroidery.

This class was held at the Embroiderers Guild of South Australia.

Freehand Machine Embroidery

This always popular workshop introduces students to freehand machine embroidery. All you need is straight and zig zag stitch. Students complete a workbook of techniques and samples.

Left students at Murray Bridge regional Gallery workshop & right a students work from a workshop held at Jennys Sewing Centre, Angaston.

Sunflower Tote Bag on the Embellisher

Machine Needle felting and freehand machine embroidery combine to create a 3D sunflower with relief petals on a lacy background with silk lining.

Pictured here are students at Melanns Fabric's and Sewing Centre

Snapshots on the Embellisher

Perfect for someone who has a needle felting machine and doesn't know how to use it. Students experiment with natural and synthetic fibres and fabrics.

Murray Bridge Spinners and Weavers and student at Melanns Fabric's and Sewing Centre

Stitching on Creative Backgrounds

This class explored freehand machine embroidery on surfaces like painted paper towel, water soluble paper, pizza fabric and more.

Australian Sewing Guild Fleurieu Peninsular group 

Circle Work Scarf

This workshop used circles of fabric freehand machine embroidered together with lots of connecting stitches sewn onto water soluble plastic.

Picture is the Nairne Textile group

Paper and Photo collage

Using painted canvas, papers and photographs to collage a picture.

members of the Murraylands Arts and Crafts Collective

ConTexArt - Blue Mountains - 14 to 20 April 2012

A textile and mixed medium workshop Forum run by TAFTA. I taught a weekend workshop and a 4 day workshop both on machine needle felting.

Pictured left are the students from the 4 day class with their felted scarves.

Backgrounds and Beyond

This is a techniques workshop exploring many of the man made fabrics and fibres on the market like Lutradur and Tyvek.

Painting, mark making, heat manipulation and stitching are explored over 2 days.

Pictured here is the Riverland Textile group

Pictured here students from the Murray Bridge Studio Gallery workshop held October 2014

Needle Felted Leaves Scarf

An easy project for beginner needle felters, this scarf is made on a wool pre-felt with dyed wool fibres and yarn embellished into the surface. freehand machine embroidery add strength and texture to the final product.

pictured are students at Melanns Fabric's and Sewing Centre Dernancourte

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