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Tyvek - aluminimum wire

Samantha Pope Artis Biography

Samantha Pope has explored many arts and crafts in her years as a textile artist. She started creating with textile as a girl, hand sewing co-ordinating 5 piece ensembles for her Barbie's.

Samantha now enjoys combining aspects from a variety of mediums & crafts & repurposing materials to suit her textile art. In 2006 Samantha bought her first Needle Felting Machine and has been exploring its potential ever since. Since 2007 she has written 50 project and technique articles for Australian and international publications on machine embroidery and aspects of needle felting.

Since discovering machine needle felting Samantha has filled a niche with techniques and projects combined with freehand machine embroidery to excite sewers to explore to potential of machine needle felting.

Samantha believes art should be practical and portable so it can be shared with everyone. This is evident in her art which is often created for everyday use. Samantha has exhibited and taught widely in South Australia and belongs to several textile and art groups.

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