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Textiles and photography come together with Wearable art creations by Samantha Pope, creatively photographed by David Leane.

Imagine Textiles is a collaboration of two talented artists, each enhancing the others work in a perfect blending of individuality.

In this first time collaboration, Samantha created 4 different wearable art works which David then photographed on local models

David also exhibited Photographic Art Nudes which unfortunatly cannot be pictured on this site because of Visatprints narrow minded view of nudity! Please go to his Facebook page to see more of his work.

Photography by David Leane

Catching Fire

Created from faux leather, red and black foiled fabric, zips and studs, Catching Fire is a Maleficent/50 shades inspired collar with boned spikes and strategically placed zips to accent the body. 

Click on the image to go to the blog about the creation of this artwork

Photography by David Leane

The Gilded Cage

Soft feminine metallic gold dress, hugs the body. Delicate lavender textured velvet and purple embroidered lace with beaded embellishment adorn the boned bustia. Blooming flowers, sparkling diamonds and velvet Suffolk puffs engulf a sculptured lace collar with vintage crystal buttons.

Finally, a gilded birdcage headpiece is dripping in petals and lace, worn on the head to captivate the wearer.

Each piece combines to make a wearable art outfit with a difference.

Jasmine Lewcock models this sparkling creation, chosen for her lovely boofont hair,

click on the image to go to the blog detailing the creation of this artwork

Photography by David Leane

Cactus Flower

Variegated monochromatic yarn was knitted into a tube using a special machine. Plastic tubing and wire were used to shape the knitted tube into horseshoe shapes which were hand sewn together.

Felt balls were sewn onto the ends of the spikes and the curvature of the neck piece is caused by the way the links fitted together.

This piece is actually a wall art work but has been made to open up so it could be worn around the neck for the shoot.

Photography by David Leane

Milli Fiori

Delicate vintage kimono silk fabrics are fashioned into vibrant 3 dimensional flowers.

Each petal is hand crafted with freehand bobbin machine embroidery and finished with a centre of beaded silk.

A profusion of petals encircle the wearer, creating a piece of art that can adorne the body in a variety of ways.

click on the image to go to the blog detailing the creation of this art work

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